Hello there! My name is Kim and I'm your typical twenty-something from New Jersey. I'm currently learning your life doesn't start right after college. First comes being broke, not knowing what you're supposed to be doing and the development of severe anxiety (but it's still fun, promise!)

A little about how we got here: In 2010, I created a blog on Tumblr that garnered over 20,000 followers, visits from 163 different countries and over 775,000 views. I went from posting pictures and text posts to answering advice questions from hundreds of people across the world and it was truly an amazing experience. Unfortunately, after 4 years I kind of grew out of the "theme" my blog's popularity grew from. And to be quite honest, Tumblr (or at least the community I was involved in) became very competitive and I just wasn't at a point in my life where I wanted to deal with that. I truly love creating content and interacting with people all over the world so I knew I wouldn't stay away from blogging for too long :)

And now?: I currently work full-time in NYC at a social media agency. I recently moved out of my parents house and am currently learning there's a lot more that goes into growing up than I thought. That's where Life Across The Hudson was born. I'm not in college anymore, but I'm sure as hell not an adult. I guess I'm somewhere between, I just haven't quite figured out where that it yet.

This blog will have everything from easy recipes, DIY decor & projects, tips for living on your own and pretty much anything I experience that I wish I knew before I "grew up."

I hope you enjoy!

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