Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil + Heat Protectant | A Review

Today's post is all about my new hair care OBSESSION. I discovered the brand Gisou through Tess Christine when she posted an Instagram saying her now thick, voluminous, beautiful hair was all thanks to this hair oil. I had noticed how great her hair had been looking, so naturally, I had to have it.

Now when I first saw the price of this babe in October, I was a little taken back. I've never been one to invest that in my hair products, so I ended up not ordering it. But with every photo and video Tess posted I couldn't stop swooning over her hair so I finally bit the bullet back in December and ordered it.

These products were developed by Negin Mirsalehi, a famous blogger from the Netherlands. Her family has been in the beekeeping business for years, so when she realized how many compliments/questions she'd get on her hair, she decided to create Gisou, which utilizes honey and other natural byproducts from her family bee-farm to create beautifully strong hair.

Now for my review! First off, the packaging is so beautiful! I keep the hair oil on display on my dresser because I love it so much. The glass bottle comes equip with a dropper, which is perfect for measuring out how much oil you'd like to put in your hair. I use one full dropper every night before I go to sleep and then one full drop when I either have wet hair and am about to blow dry, or just before I leave the house if I didn't wash my hair that day. On nights I know I'm going to be washing my hair first thing in the morning, I will apply a little extra and let it seep into my hair overnight.

I have really been loving what this has been doing to my hair! My hair has been growing so much quicker than it had in the past. It also looks and feels much fuller even when I don't style it (which is rare during the week lol) and also has much more of a shine to it.

My biggest fear going into this was that it was going to make my hair greasy-- but even when I have put this in my hair 2-3 times without washing it, my hair doesn't feel any more greasy than it would have normally which was really exciting.

Okay, I literally had the HARDEST time photographing my hair! I could not get my camera to focus on it for the life of me lol so sorry this isn't the best photo and really doesn't do my hair justice!!

This has 100% became a holy grail for me and I will continue to repurchase as needed. The good news is I have barely made a dent and I've been using it for exactly a month now. You definitely get a good amount of product for the price.

On the topic of price, I mentioned this was expensive and since it's shipping from the Netherlands, shipping can also get a little pricey for us in the US. To this day I'm really confused because I swear I only ordered the hair oil, but when I opened it up, the heat protectant was also included! I'll chalk that one up as a win (or it always comes with it.. idk lol)

The package came in literally 30 hours. How did it make it across the world that quickly? I have no idea lol but I'm into it. All in all, this cost me about $90 USD-- Considering I got two products and it got to me from another country in under 48 hours, I'd say it was worth it.

If you're looking for something to really up your hair game, I highly recommend looking into this product! Just take a look at Negin & Tess's hair, that should be enough to convince you! I'm so happy I finally order this after lusting over it for so long. It's 100% worth the money!

Let me know if you've tried this before and your thoughts + ways you use it in the comments! Thanks so much for reading <3

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