Best of BOXYCHARM | My Most Used Products

Hi loves! If there's one thing I'm consistent with on this blog, it's my BOXYCHARM unboxing posts. I've been subscribed since summer 2015 and I've gotten almost 20 boxes, so I thought it was time to put together a list of my top used products! There are certainly products I've used up and never repurchased, as well as products I used a ton when I first got them, but these 8 have become a part of my routine and I 100% would have never discovered them without BOXYCHARM!

Alexis Ren x ColourPop Haul | Review + Swatches

My looooong awaited package has finally made it to me-- My newest ColourPop haul! I placed an order the day the Alexis Ren collab launched and due to such high demand it took almost 3 weeks to ship--so you can say I was very excited to receive this package just in time to test out this past weekend!

Current Travel Bucket List | Winter 2017

Ever since we booked our Euro trip (which ahhhh-- we leave in less than three weeks!), I've caught a serious travel bug. I've never been the biggest traveler, but my wanderlust has gotten stronger and stronger as I've been researching my upcoming trip. I wanted to put together a roundup of my current top 5 destinations I'd like to visit in the near-ish future. Some of these are more realistic than others at this point in my life, but still dream destinations nonetheless.

Derma E Charcoal Scrub + Face Mask | A Review

My most viewed + shared blog post is all about my skincare routine and how I cleared my skin. While my routine is has remained somewhat consistent, I'm always looking for new products to work into my rotation as my skin is always changing. I've always been a fan of charcoal products for deep cleaning so I was very excited to see that Derma E launched a new scrub and mask!

BOXYCHARM Unboxing | February 2017

Hi loves-- welcome back! I hope you had a great weekend and are recharged for (yet another) work-week.  Today's post is all about my newest BOXYCHARM, which has some really amazing products! I'm excited to try out these products and report back on my favorites. As always, this box is valued at over $100 and only costs $21/month! Keep on reading to see what I got and how you can sign up for your own box.

Drugstore Haul + First Impressions | January/February 2017

While I like to pretend I'm made of money and can buy any products I want, I know that's not always a reality. This is why I'm such a sucker for drugstore products since it's easier to justify spending $10 rather than $20--or maybe that's a lie I tell myself to continue my beauty hoarding problem ;) Regardless, the drugstore has been killin' it lately. Over the past few weeks I purchased some brand new products and some older products I never got the chance to try and today I'll be giving my initial thoughts on them!

The Perfect Belly-Friendly Smoothie | OLLY Probiotic

If you know anything about me, you know I love my NutriBullet. Ever since I got it last Christmas, I love to make all different kinds of smoothies. The past few months, I wasn't experimenting much because I was obsessed with this green smoothie (still am!), but I decided to switch it up recently when I found this new probiotic protein powder at Target and I'm loving it!

January Favorites | 2017

Happy Saturday! We made it to another weekend :) I'm currently on the couch with a candle burning, watching Mean Girls and sipping a pumpkin spice coffee. Tell me how it gets more basic than that? Haha my kind of Saturday afternoon, though! Today's post is all about my top 5 products of January. These are all actually new finds over the past month or two, which makes me happy because I love to switch things up!

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil + Heat Protectant | A Review

Today's post is all about my new hair care OBSESSION. I discovered the brand Gisou through Tess Christine when she posted an Instagram saying her now thick, voluminous, beautiful hair was all thanks to this hair oil. I had noticed how great her hair had been looking, so naturally, I had to have it.