My Current Favorite Instagrams to Follow!

Hi guys-- Happy Sunday!! Ever since I created an Instagram account for my blog a little over a year ago, I've loved finding new and inspiring people to follow. Weather it's someone I look up to, people who post amazing reviews and new products or just have #goals written all over them, I'm into it. I decided to put together a little post detailing out my top 5 fav Instagram accounts at the moment to one, get you guys to follow them (because they're amazing) and two, show a little love!

Some of these ladies I've followed for a while on my personal accounts and some are new finds, but they're all amazing at what they do! Their accounts all inspire me in some way, shape or form, so I highly recommend checking them out.

@TessChristinexo - I mean, come on. Who could not love following beautiful Tess?! Her photos are so aesthetically pleasing and her style is so on point! She also has a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers where creates beauty and fashion content. She is so freaking pretty but what I love most about her is how real she is online. She's super honest with her followers and I really appreciate that since you don't see that much these days. I think this is an amazing role model for girls of all ages. If you love outfit posts, beautiful pics of NYC and lusting over amazing travel destinations, Tess is a must follow!

@KathleenLights - Another YouTuber, I think Kathleen is the most beautiful soul on the internet. She posts a bit of everything, from new beauty releases, fashion and stunning selfies, it's hard not to love this girl. Similar to Tess, she's very open and honest with her followers which is clearly something I love. Kathleen's YouTube is also really great if you're a makeup junkie! Her tutorials are also on point and I swear I buy at least one thing she mentions in each video she posts.

@xxojess_ - Fun fact! Jess and I go waaaay back to around 2010 and the booming days of Tumblr! We both had pretty popular love blogs and connected from that! She is so, so sweet and I've been following her beauty Instagram since she made it. First of all, her photos are amazing. So jealous of the quality! She has so. much. makeup. and I appreciate all of her posts to help me discover some amazing products! If you love makeup, you neeeeeeed to be following Jess!!

@LipstickAndConfetti - A fellow beauty/lifestyle blogger, Liz's Instagram is so beautiful! I love all of her flat lays and lifestyle shots (feed goals!!) and appreciate all of her product reviews. She is so consistent with posting and I really envy her for that! Her blog is really well written and insightful and she posts a little bit of everything. From beauty to fashion to recipes, you can find a ton of amazing content by following Liz!

@KateLovesMakeup1 - And last, but certainly not least, Kate! She was one of the first accounts I followed when I made my account and I am so happy about it. She is so, so nice to all of her followers and posts the most beautiful photos! I religiously read her blog and Insta-reviews and she has never steered me wrong. So happy I found her account!!

And there ya have it- My top 5 favorite Instagrams :) If you don't follow any of them already, I highly recommend! If you like my account, you'll be sure to fall in love with theirs!

What are your favorite lifestyle/beauty accounts to follow? I'd love to know in the comments. Thank you so much for reading <3


  1. Oh my gosh, this literally made me tear up a little reading this!! Thank you so much for including me and saying such nice things!! PS I have to agree - Kathleen Lights is definitely the most beautiful soul on the internet! She is amazing!

    Kate |

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kim! I feel so honoured to have made your list. I love your blog/instagram feed so this means a lot!

    xo, Liz

  3. OMG! *tears up* you are so sweet! <3 Thank you so much! I'm honoured to be a fave of yours - you are one of mine as well girl! <3 I'm so glad we reconnected after our tumblr days lol! :)