Apartment Refresh 2017 | Living Room

Hi loves! Welcome back. If you've been following my blog for a while, I used to talk about how I was going to be moving out of my apartment soon because my lease was up... buuuut, 8+ months later we're still here! Our landlord let us go month-to-month and we haven't found anything that blew us away, so we decided to stay put for a while!

With that said, I was really looking forward to moving solely for the fact that I could redecorate. I honestly love where we live so much (that wall though), it'd be hard to give it up. Anyways, my redecorating itch got the best of me, so once I took down all of our Christmas decor, I decided it was time to refresh our place!

When we moved in, I DIYed a lot of decor because #brokegirlprobs (you can see my first apartment tour here for comparison!). While I loved some of the DIYs (and still have a bunch displayed), we were ready for a little bit of an upgrade now that we both make more money than we did when we moved in over 2 years ago. I still wanted to keep the upgrade budget-friendly, so all of this is fairly affordable and I will link as much as I can below!

Succulent - TJ Maxx, $7.99 (in store only)
File Holder - Target, $7.99
File Folders - Target, $4.99

Cube Organizer - Target, $79.99
Beer Cap Map - BeerCapMaps.com, From $39

Vase - TJ Maxx, $7.99 (in store only)
Lighted Twigs - Amazon, $17.99
Fake Flowers - Michael's, $2.50 each (in store)

Mini Succulent - Michael's, $4.99 (in store)

Rose Gold Basket - Target, $19.99

Mirror - Hobby Lobby, $100 (in store - I got it for 50% off!!!)
Candle Holders - Hobby Lobby, $11.99
Couch - Ikea, $799.99

As you can see from my first apartment tour until now, we've kept all of the large pieces in the living room but played around with them a bit! I turned our bistro set into a desk since we literally never sat at the table and I was lusting over a desk. All we did was turn it sideways against the wall and purchase a new chair with a back to make it more comfy!

We also overhauled the decor on the cube organizer. I absolutely love the light up branch vase I put together. I never thought twigs could bring so much joy to my life, but this piece really makes it cozy in here. I also upgraded our photo frames and added in some greenery to spice it up.

I'm also obsessed with the addition blanket bin and the upgrade of decor above the couch. We used to have three canvases I DIYed, but this mirror/candle combo just looks so much more sophisticated.

Overall, all of the new decor pieces and upgrades cost under $200! Like I said, some of the pieces mentioned like the couch, cube-organizer and beer cap map we already had, so this helped keep this upgrade low on costs.

I am working on upgrading our bedroom decor as well so let me know if you want to see a post once I finish that! What's your favorite ways to refresh a room? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading <3

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