White Elephant Gift Ideas | All Amazon Prime Eligible & Under $20

Now that it's December, it's full blown holiday party season! One of my favorite games/gift exchanges to participate in is the White Elephant Gift Exchange. You can read the full rules here, but it's a fun spinoff of Secret Santa or Grab Bag where everyone brings in a wrapped gift and as each gift gets opened you have the chance to steal a gift that's been opened OR pick an unwrapped gift. It can get really competitive and it's so fun seeing what everyone thinks the best gift is!

My first time doing this a few years ago, I had no idea what to buy, so I decided to do a quick roundup of the funny, gag-gifts I want to buy this year! Since we're cutting it close, I also made sure these were all available on Amazon Prime for quick shipping :)

First up, is actually something I own, is a good old cookbook. This obviously isn't your typical cookbook, it's the The Mac + Cheese Cookbook! You can create a whole "mac and cheese" gift package by throwing in some Easy Mac or mini Cast Iron Skillet for cooking baked mac and cheese.

Next up, this (literal) White Elephant Succulent Pot!  I think it's a fun spin on the game but also a really cute desk or shelf accessory. I honestly want to buy one for my own desk!

Perfect for a work White Elephant exchange, since it seems like every office enjoys to blast the AC in the winter (and summer, to be honest), are these USB Heated Gloves!  These are perfect for computer work and will be a hot item in any exchange!

I was super excited to find this on Amazon! I've seen this Wine Bottle Glass all over the internet and I think it's so funny for all the wine lovers out there. Depending on the budget for your exchange, you can even throw in a small bottle of wine!

Another great office gift, a Self Stirring Travel Mug! This is so funny and I love that it even calls it out on the outside. You can throw in a gift card to a coffee shop near your office and call this one a wrap!

And last but not least, my personal favorite, a Bluetooth Headphone Beanie! I think this is super practical for the upcoming season, but also fits in well with the typical, pretty out-there, white elephant gifts. I actually ordered this for my office White Elephant that we're having next week!

If you don't already have Amazon Prime (HOW?! It's heaven on earth lol) you can Try Amazon Prime for a 30-Day Free Trial by clicking there! I know it sounds a bit pricey, but it easily pays for itself if you're an online shopper like myself. They sell literally everything and Prime gives you FREE 2 day shipping all the time and depending on the product, I've gotten Same Day and One-Day for free as well!

What are your go-to White Elephant gifts and which is your fav on this list? Thank you so much for reading!!

Products Mentioned:
The Mac + Cheese Cookbook - $10.61
White Elephant Succulent Pot - $16.89
USB Heated Gloves - $9.99
Wine Bottle Glass - $17.99
Self Stirring Travel Mug - $9.95
Bluetooth Headphone Beanie - $15.99

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