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Hello, hello! Welcome back! It's officially Winter as of this week and my skin sure has been feeling it. It has been so dry thanks to the back and forth in temperature we've been having up in the North East and none of the lotions or creams I had were doing anything. As most of us do, I took to the internet to find a fix!

I saw a bunch of pins on Pinterest talking about the cream from LUSH and there just happens to be one around the corner from my office so I headed over there one night and picked this baby up. It was a little pricier than I would normally spend on a body lotion, but even the sales women raved about it so I just went for it.

This product is made with oat milk, lavender and chamomile, all of which are perfect for sensitive skin. This is also formulated with olive oil and cocoa butter to soften dry/chapped skin and rose oil to help tone down redness and irritation.

This has such a soothing smell. I loooove lavender and oat scents together, so if you're a fan as well, you'll really like this!

Overall, I really enjoy this body cream. It instantly made my skin feel nice and moisturized, but not sticky. This absorbs into the skin extremely quick, which is amazing since I'm always in a rush in the morning when I put this on. I have noticed such a difference in my skin in terms of dryness/suppleness and I am so happy. This is certainly worth the price tag!

Let me know your favorite dry-skin products in the comments! Thanks so much for reading <3

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Dream Cream - LUSH, $29.95

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