November Favorites | 2016

Happy December! Welcome back to my blog :) Today's post is alllll about the things I was loving in November. November and December are probably my favorite months of the year because #holidays and #foodcomas, but they also give me a reason to change up some products because of the changing weather and try out new holiday releases! What more could a girl want?!

This month, I found myself with some new favorites and some oldies that came back into my life. I also decided to throw a few fashion items in this month since I'm still pretty religiously using all of my October favorites in terms of makeup. You can check that post out here! Now, let's get into it!

Blanket Scarves: The weather in the North East has certainly been crazy lately, one day it's 70 degrees and the next it's in the low 40's. I've been hesitant to breakout my full blown winter gear, so I've been using this huge, comfy blanket scarf when I wear my lighter, fall coat. I got this last year, but they actually still have it in stock at Nordstrom (linked below!) You can find similar ones at tons of retailers these days, which I think is great. I plan to pick up some other designs this year!

Previse HydroMilk Moisturizer: This moisturizer comes in and out of my routine pretty often. When my skin is acting up and is super dry (usually mid-summer and then again in the winter) this is a lifesaver. I actually go this in a BOXYCHARM and I'm so happy I did. It is such a great face moisturizer and doesn't feel heavy or clog my pores. I definitely recommend this if you have issues with your skin in the winter!

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White: This is one of those products I wish I didn't have to use, but I'm happy it exists lol. I'm quite fair at this point (RIP summer & tan), so this is a great product to mix into my summer foundations to ensure it matches my skin. I love not having to purchase multiple shades of the same foundation (because #expensive) and the best part is, this is from the drugstore! They have a few different mixers, but I've only played with the white one. This doesn't change the consistency or formula of the foundations I've used this with, which is also a plus! 

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation: I wrote about this in my YouTube Made Me Buy It post last week and I've officially decided I do like this foundation a lot. I love how it looks on my skin and it goes on nicely. As mentioned before, I don't like that there isn't an exact shade for my skin tone, but that's the beauty of products like the NYX foundation mixer ;)

Calvin Klein Swiss Class Gold Watch: My birthday is November 1st (yay, scorpios!), so I was lucky enough to get this beautiful watch for my birthday from my boyfriend! It's super simple and dainty and perfect for every day and elegant wear. I own a few, more flashy watches, so I've been loving this minimal design.

Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme (For Hair): And last but no least, this hair product! I did a whole review on this here, but I really love this! I tend to not style my hair because I can be really lazy in the morning, so when I get to 2nd and 3rd day hair, this really gives it a boost. I'm also obsessed with the packaging, it's so sleek and the pump is an amazing touch.

And that's it! How beautiful is this watch though?! What were your favorites this month? I'm placing a huge Sephora order tomorrow so I'm looking for some suggestions :) Thanks so much for reading!!

Products Mentioned:
Blanket Scarf - Nordstrom, $29
Previse HydroMilk Lotion - Previse, $48
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer - Ulta, $9.99
Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation - Sephora, $42
Calvin Klein Class Swiss Gold Watch - Macy's, $320
Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme - Ulta, $25


  1. That NYX product sounds fascinating. How exactly does it work? I might need it.

    S .x

    1. It's great!!! I put my foundation on the back of my hand and then put a little of the mixer on top, mix it together using a q-tip until it's all even! I've used it to lighten a few of my foundations and it's worked perfectly :)