Blog Makeover | 2016

Happy, happy Friday! My company holiday party was this past Wednesday so I've been waiting for this moment since I woke up quite hungover on Thursday morning. I cannot wait to pass out after posting this ;) Anyways! If you're here reading, you probably noticed the face lift I've given Life Across the Hudson! I am so obsessed with how it turned out.

As I was planning out my blog posts for the next month, I remembered that I had posted a post all about my 2016 Blog Goals so I went back to check on how I was doing (update.. not the best lol.) One of them was to redesign my blog and I figured that was something I could do to not have that list be a total fail.

I'm certainly no genius when it comes to coding and all of that, but I do know a decent amount. I knew I was going to need to purchase at least a template that was easy to customize so I took to Etsy, which is amazing for blogging templates by the way, and started browsing.

In recent weeks, I have been checking out a lot of blogs and was taking mental notes on the things I liked most like a featured post section, a slider etc. and I also wanted to make sure I could display larger photos now that I have my DLSR. I came across a template by BestForBlogger and saw how great their prices were compared to some other sellers so I was intrigued off the bat. I started looking through their inventory and fell in love!

I read a little bit about the seller-- they have SO many positive reviews and I certainly agree with them! They provide you with an immense amount of support-- if you can't get something installed correctly or if you're not positive how to edit something, they will walk you through it via Etsy. They are super accommodating and answer quickly. I 100% recommend purchasing a template from their store!

I'm also very pleased with my new logo. I had planned on just leaving the one I had before this-- quite honestly because I didn't have time (or patience) to try to design a new one, but the size wasn't perfect for this template. I decided to quickly throw together something that would fit better to get an idea of what I'd try to design at a later date, and it just stuck! I've never fallen in love with something I designed so quickly and on the first try (I usually spend 2 hours just downloading new fonts lol), so this was a huge win.

Overall, I'm very happy with how my blog looks. I think it's really clean and easy to consume and I could stare at it all day ;) I definitely recommend looking on Esty for your template needs!

Thanks so much for reading!

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