How I Edit My Instagram Photos | 2016

Hey guys! Is it just me, or is the slowest week of the year the week after the Thanksgiving 4-day weekend? All day I thought it was Thursday and the rain in NYC is certainly not helping. Anyways! Today, I thought I'd show you guys how I edit my Instagram photos! I've had and Instagram account for this blog for exactly a year now, and I've finally created a consistent look and feel that I'm super happy with!

I've played around with a few different "themes" this past year. I tried the bright white thing, and I really loved it, but I felt like I could only post product shots and I definitely wanted my Instagram to be more versatile so posting photos like the above didn't feel out of place.

This is what I came up with! I really, really love the filter I use and the steps I take to make all my photos look uniform and together :)

So for starters, I shoot all of my photos in natural light. This requires a lot less editing, but, it also limits when I can take pictures. A blessing and a curse I like to call it ;) I take all my product photography by a window, during the day when it's sunny or overcast. I'm a sucker for natural lit photos, so I'm willing to only have a 1-2 times per week that I can shoot.

And now to the actual editing portion! I use a few apps in my editing process, first I used the infamous VSCO Cam, then I will use UNUM and then right before posting I will use eZy Watermark Lite.

Starting off with VSCO, I begin with the filter titled HB2 and usually turn it down to anything between 5 and 8 depending on the photo. This filter can make any darkness really dark, so that's why I vary the number! Next, I lower the exposure to -1, contrast to -1 and temperature to -1. I rarely change the last three, they seem to work well with most photos!

Once I'm satisfied with all of the edits, I will save the photo as original size and move into UNUM. UNUM is basically an app where you can plan out your Instagram feed before you post anything! It's really great to help organize your photos and also plan ahead/schedule.

Below is what the interface looks like! Above the top row, there are empty white boxes that you can click to add new photos. You then can rearrange any photos by dragging the photos to different locations. Once the photo has been posted to your feed, it will get the little peach-colored Instagram logo in the bottom right corner and those become locked into place.

I really love this app! It has helped me stay on track of my posts and also build my "theme."

Lastly, right before posting I used the app eZy Watermark Lite to add my watermark. I really like this app because you can upload a single image or multiple images at a time to watermark. It also saves your most recent mark next time you log in, so if you use the same font every time, it's already set up when you open a new photo.

You can also change the size and manipulate the watermark to be straight or turned however fits your photo best, which you can see in some of the above photos!

Then, I save the photo and post away! This process is super easy and all done in under 5 minutes.

What are you guys favorites apps to edit photos?! Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much for reading!!

Apps Mentioned:
eZy Watermark Lite

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