My Current Favorites | July 2016

Hello and welcome back! I'm back again with another favorites post. I'm sorry it's a little delayed-- I've had it almost ready on the 3rd but then life happened and here we are. Enough with the excuses! Keep on reading to see what I've been loving :)

Lorac Blush in Peach: So this may or may not become theme of this post but.... this has been discontinued :/ Of course I didn't realize until I was grabbing all of the links. But anyways, I've been loving this soft peach blush for everyday wear. I love all of Lorac's products and this one is no different! I liked a similar blush of their below :)

Zara Eau de Toilette in Musk: I recently ran out of my perfume and I was waiting in line to pay at Zara in NYC (aka 30min line) and I saw all of their perfumes. I was bored AF, so I decided to start smelling a few, and I fell in love with this one! It's just nice and soft and great for everyday wear. It's also only $12 which is amazing! PS I couldn't find this online so I don't know if it's discontinued or only available in stores.

Ella + Mila Nail Polish in Pistache: I got this in my BoxyCharm a few months back and I have been loving it this summer! It's the perfect mint-y green shade that I've been wearing on both my nails and toes. I always get compliments when I wear this!

Milani Baked Bronzer in Soliel: I recently decided I wanted to buy a glow-y bronzer just to bronze my face after contouring. I went to CVS and actually pick up this "bronzer" from Milani and HATED it (it was a really pretty highlighter, but not at all a bronzer.) I was between the two when I picked it up so I went back I exchanged it for this one and have been loving it. It's the perfect mix of bronze and glow for summer.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Opal: So I had been wanting to try this out forever and I finally caved and bought it in a little set from Sephora! I love this highlight so much and I'm sad I didn't give in earlier.

Swatched L&R: Becca Opal, Milani Baked Bronzer, Lorac Blush

And that's it! These products have become staples in my routine and I love them all! Have you tried any of these products? Thank you so much for reading!

Products Mentioned:
  • Lorac Blush (Similar) - Ulta, $22
  • Zara - Zara (in store), $12
  • Ella + Mila Nail Polish in Pistachse - Amazon, $10.50
  • Milani Baked Bronzer in Soliel - CVS, $10.49
  • Shimmering Skin Perfector® Opal Glow On The Go - Sephora, $20

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  1. Ah, I have a bronzer but I rarely use it. I'm honestly such a minimalist and have not really been wearing makeup since my skin is kind of all over the map this week. I might try that Milani bronzer, though.

    S .x