BOXYCHARM Unboxing | August 2016

It's the best time of the month... My BoxyCharm unboxing! Keep on reading to see what I got and how you can get the same products (worth over $100) for just $21/month!

Relaxing Travel/Commute Playlist | 2016

Hey guys! I'm super excited about today's post. I recently jumped on the Spotify bandwagon (it's about time, am I right?!) I always put off downloading music and never have anything new to listen to so I figured what the heck, it's less than $10/month! I finally put together my first playlist and I love it so much I just had to share.

I call this my "chill" playlist. It's full of acoustic and slow versions of popular songs we all know and love. This makes me want to go on a long drive by myself and use my singing skills (I'll spare you all there.) But seriously, this playlist is so relaxing but fun at the same time. I usually listen to it at my desk, but this is the perfect commute/travel playlist in my opinion. Keep on reading to give it a listen!

My Current Favorites | July 2016

Hello and welcome back! I'm back again with another favorites post. I'm sorry it's a little delayed-- I've had it almost ready on the 3rd but then life happened and here we are. Enough with the excuses! Keep on reading to see what I've been loving :)

The BEST Green Smoothie | Peanut Butter Banana

Hi guys! Super excited to bring you another recipe post today :) I've started working out "more intensely" recently, so I was on the hunt for the perfect post-workout shake/smoothie. I wanted something substantial enough that I could use it as a breakfast replacement since I usually work out in the morning, but also tasty enough to actually look forward to drinking it. After a little bit of experimenting, I found this combo was my favorite!