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Hey guys! I'm currently gearing up for a move, so home decor and furniture have really been on my mind lately. We're not positive when we're moving out, but we know in the next 3 months we'll be be moving into a new (bigger!) place, so I've been searching all over Pinterest for inspiration.

One day after work, I decided to stop into H&M to pick up some basic clothing pieces I needed when I noticed a huge sign pointing upstairs to their "home" section. H&M sells home stuff?!? Who knew. I obviously found my way upstairs and I fell in love!

Everything is so cute and SO inexpensive. I wanted to buy it all! Since I'm still going to be renting an apartment, I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on decor since what I like now, I may not like when I buy a house, so I'm all about staying on the cheaper side. Styles and tastes change, so I feel like I hit the jack pot here :)

I decided to put together my current H&M Home wish list below! I'd love to see what your favorite pieces are and if you own anything from their collections! Also, let me know where you have found inexpensive, but cute and trendy decor. Thanks so much for reading!

H&M Home Wish List
Metal Photo Frame, $17.99
Round Mirror, $34.99
Glass Vase, $17.99
Large Metal Bowl, $24.99
Large Wire Basket, $17.99
Plate with Metallic Print, $9.99
Metal Bookend, $14.99
Soft Throw, $34.99
Velvet Cushion Cover, $9.99 (Pillow not included)


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