Social Media For Bloggers | How To Increase Exposure & Traffic Using Pinterest

Hi loves! Today's post is the second in my new series Social Media for Bloggers. This time, we're focusing on Pinterest! Pinterest is SO important for bloggers. Pinterest drives tons of traffic and can get your content seen by more eyes than you can imagine if you do it right! Please keep on reading for my top 6 tips for Pinterest!

I'm certainly still on the journey of growing my social platforms specifically for this blog, but working with multiple Fortune 500 brands I've learned a ton that can help all of us bloggers. I've rounded up my top tips to help optimize your content and help increase your readership.

1) Long Pins & Photo Format: First and foremost, you need to make sure the photos you're pinning fit within the best practice of 2:1 format. This means ideally, your photo will be two time longer than wide, creating a long photo like above. Long pins tend to out perform square pins since long pins look better on mobile. You should also only utilize text-over-image when needed. For example, if you're pinning a round up, a recipe or a guide, text over image works great at catching attention. If you're posting about a beauty product or a review, let the caption copy do the work since the photo itself can be eye catching enough.

2) Optimize Pin Descriptions: It's super important to make your pins searchable. Be sure to customize the descriptions of each pin with more than just the title of your blog post. You only get so many characters, but things to keep in mind when building a description is product names, key words (guide, how to, review etc.) and anything you would search when looking for a similar post.

3) Utilize the Website/Source Feature: Make sure each time you pin from your blog, you're adding the direct link to your post in the website portion of a pin. If you're pinning directly from your site (more on that later), this should be done automatically, but if you're uploading each pin natively, you'll want to be sure to add this. This will ensure that when someone clicks on your pin, they will redirected to your blog post! There's nothing worse than actually wanting to read more and you click through to a broken link.

4) Create a Board Just For Your Blog Content: Make sure to create a board for just your content! This helps finding your content simple for other pincers and also ensure you have a place to pin each and every blog post. Sometimes, our blog post topics may not fall under a typical pin board theme, so having this board will be quite beneficial for you.

5) Pin Content to Multiple Boards: Somewhat in line with the above, you should pin your content any as many applicable boards as possible. If you have a post about a diy beauty hack, be sure to pin it to your beauty board, your blog's board and your DIY board (or any other themed board that makes sense!) This helps seed the content by interest when others are searching the platform and since you can follow boards without following a user as a whole, shares this content with more people. I don't suggest posting to boards that don't make sense, but definitely pin to as many boards as the content allows.

6) Install a Hover to Pin Plugin: This is so important & luckily, many blog themes come with this built in, but if yours doesn't - Please get on this! Here's how to for Blogger & WordPress. This is important because if someone finds your blog a different way (Instagram, Bloglovin etc.) they can easily save your posts for later on Pinterest and have them linked directly to your post.

& those are my top 6 tips for Pinterest! Please let me know if you have any questions and of what social channel you want to see next! I definitely will keep refreshing these as algorithms change and best practices get updated. I'm lucky enough to get to meet with the major platforms on a regular basis with work so I will keep on bringing all the trends and dos+dont's to you! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great tips, I have tried and failed with Pinterest so many times. I honesty think I'm using it wrong because it doesn't feel very interactive at all to me!

    Kiran |