Monthly Moments | March 2016

I'm very excited to be kicking off this blog series! My Monthly Moments will be a round up of some of my favorite times during the previous month. I really wanted to start this series to help myself better document my life as well as improve my photography skills. I really want to buy myself a DSLR, but I also want to prove to myself it's worth the investment and I will actually use it. I'm going to use this series to help me gauge when I will finally take the plunge and splurge a bit :)

With all of that out of the way, please keep on reading to hear about some of my favorite moments of March!

Probably the best thing that happened this month was that I officially accepted a new job offer! As I've mentioned in previous posts, I worked at a social media creative agency (up until this past Wednesday.) I had been working there for the past two and half years and knew it was time for some change. I was no longer happy, there was a TON of uncertainty and I wasn't being pushed to my fullest potential. I started looking for a job in January, so it took some time, but I finally found the perfect position and they hiring managers agreed!

I'm so excited to continue my career in social media and for this new opportunity. I was thinking of doing a blog post/series on finding a job, resume building and all of that so please let me know if that's something you'd be interested in!

My next favorite time this month was celebrating my boyfriend and I's six year anniversary. I did a whole blog post about it here, but I still wanted to mention it in this roundup. Ryan and I have been through so much since we were little 19-years-olds and it really is crazy to look back and see where we've come.

Next up, I was able to finally try one of my friend's favorite restaurant, Posto! It's a tiny little pizzeria in Gramercy/Stuy Town and it. Is. Amazing! If you find yourself on the East Side, I highly recommend checking this place out. We all got personal pizza's and you can do half and half if you want to try more than one of the delish combos they have. I got half Classica and half Giardino and it was an A+!

I was also able to take a day off this month to just really do whatever I wanted. I ended up finding myself in NYC for a shopping trip. I took the PATH from Hoboken to Christopher Street to get in some extra steps while making my way down to SoHo. I'm so happy I chose to get there this way because the West Village is the cutest place EVER.

It's pretty quiet and the brownstones are to die for. I could spend all day walking up and down the neighboring streets. This is one of the only neighborhoods in Manhattan that gives me a glimmer of "maybe I could live in NYC if I lived here" in my head. I've always felt NYC was a bit too big and loud for my liking, hence why I live in Hoboken, but the West Village is so similar that I suggest taking some time to explore the streets down there!

And lastly, I'm a sucker for brunch and with the weather getting nicer this month, I found myself at brunch quite a few times this month. One of my favorites was Otto Strada, a little Italian spot in Hoboken. It's a little off the beaten path (7th and Park), which is why we ended up here. We tried to go to the highly talked about Anthony David's, but the wait was just too long so we found ourselves here. Pictured above is their mushroom pizza which was amazing, we all ordered Fritata di Asparagi for our main course and all enjoyed it. It's also BYOB like Anthony David's, which was a great touch for some morning cocktails.

I truly believe in seasonal depression, so March shaped up to be such a great month with the weather changes. I can't wait to see what April holds! Thanks so much for reading!

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