My Current Beauty Wish List | 2016

We all do it as product junkies, lust over pricey products you see floating around on Instagram & YouTube. I've been keeping tabs on my most wanted products and decided to put together this blog post for you guys to help me decide where to start!

Social Media For Bloggers | How To Grow Your Audience & Gain Exposure Using Instagram

Hiii & welcome back! Today I'm bringing you something that I'm really excited about because I really think this can help my fellow bloggers in their ventures. As I mentioned before, I work at a social media creative agency--aka we create the content you see brands posting on their social media channels (yes, people get paid to do this!) and I've learned a ton these past 2.5 years.

I've already begun applying some best practices to my blog's social channels and I have seen such a difference in engagement and exposure. I decided to put together a little series with best practices for bloggers across all social media platforms and today, we start with my favorite platform, Instagram!

March BoxyCharm Unboxing!

Welcome back! Today's post is my March BoxyCharm unboxing! If you've read my blog before, you know I love me some BoxyCharm. The value of the box is crazy compared to the price ($21/month) and you get to try out so many full-sized product - It's great! Keep on reading to see what I got this month!

6 Year Anniversary | A Night in New York City

Hi guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Friday was mine and my boyfriend's 6 year anniversary! We're both pretty simple and didn't want to do anything too crazy (since we're in the middle of a lot right now - More to come on that in another post!) but we still wanted to share a special night together. We live right across the Hudson River (get it?!) from NYC, so figured we would venture to the city for a reason other than work for a night of celebration.

We had a great time & I wanted to take you through what we did! This night could be great for any occasion since we didn't go crazy with dinner and drinks. I'm thinking of starting an NYC area travel series on my blog, so this will kind of kick it off.

Get Your Skin Ready for Spring! Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

Hey guys! The weather in New Jersey the past few days has me craaaaving spring and summer. I've been whipping out all of my lighter-weight makeup and peachy blushes & eyeshadows to create fresh and simple looks. I love a more natural look in the warmer months, but that can be hard when your skin is not working with you. Over the past couple weeks, I've been trying out what I believe to be the perfect way to help your skin look beautiful without a full coverage foundation -- The New Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum!

Sephora Favorites | Paint It Pink

Hi loves! I posted a photo of a Sephora package on Instagram yesterday and this is what was inside! I saw Nouveau Cheap post about the Sephora Favorites Paint it Pink set last week and I ordered it immediately. You get THREE full sized products and five deluxe samples/sample sizes. The best part? The price! You get all of this for $40. I actually don't own any of these products (minus the BeautyBlender) so I was super excited to order.

Easy 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipe | Healthy Mexican Chicken

Happy Sunday! Tonight, I'm bringing you my favorite recipe for the past month. My mom texted me this ridiculously easy recipe (since she knows I'm not the best cook :P) and I already had all the ingredients so I figured why not. I've been eating this non-stop for lunch and/or dinner for the past four weeks and even Ryan likes it, so I felt it has now become blog-worthy.

Life Across The Hudson Has an Instagram?! Social Media Tips & Tricks Series Intro

As someone who does social media for brands for a living, I knew it was time to start regularly updating the Instagram I created for this blog. I thought it was time to post about it to let you guys know I have one :) Social media is a HUGE driver to clicks, views, audience growth etc. and can really help elevate your online presence.

Ulta Haul + Mini Reviews!

Hi loves! Happy Sunday - Hope you had a great weekend :) I received a package from Ulta earlier this week and I'm so excited about all of the products I picked up, I just had to share them with you. Keep on reading to see what I picked up!

Do We Have a Dupe? Beauty Blender vs. Revive Beauty Makeup Blending Applicator

Hello, hello and welcome back! Today, I bring to you, Do We Have a Dupe -- A series where I will be trying to find the best dupes to high end products out there. I love when bloggers and youtubers share their favorite dupes with us, so I'm looking forward to jumping on the bandwagon! As you know, I live right outside of Manhattan aka I pay A LOT of money in rent, so I'm always down for a low-cost alternative to some beauty favorites.

Today, we're starting with this Revive Beauty Makeup Blending Applicator, which I found at T.J. Maxx for $4.99 a few weeks ago. 

February 2016 Favorites!

How in the world is it already March?! I feel like I start every favorites post like this, but seriously, time has been flying by lately. In this post, I will be sharing my current favorites and products I have been loving this month! Keep on reading to find out more.