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I was in my local CVS this week when I stumbled upon a bunch of, what I believe is, the MUA Makeup Academy holiday gift sets with a Manager's Special of 50% off! I was already eying the 3-peice set when I noticed the sale sign, so for $7.50, I thought why not.

This set comes with three matching products, a Color Intense Lipstick, a Color Drenched Lip Butter and an Anti-Feather Lip Liner. I had only tried one MUA product before (a lip stain) which I really like so I was excited to try these out!

I really like the packaging of these products. It's nice and sleek and certainly looks more expensive than they are.

Both the lipstick and the lip butter are extremely moisturizing and not dry at all which is great for this time of year. They are both pretty glossy as well, which I kind of like for when I want to switch up the matte look I've been doing lately. I also enjoy the lip liner, but it's a bit dark for me, so I see myself using a nude liner when using the other two products. I do really like that it's a twist up and not a pencil - I hate sharpening my liners lol

Swatched left to right: Lipstick, Lip Butter, Lip Liner

Overall, I think this is a great buy even at the full price of $15. My CVS also had a nude collection that I may pick up this weekend if it's still available! I really enjoy the formula of these lip products and see myself trying out some other MUA products.

Let me know if you see these sets in your local CVS - If you do, I highly suggest picking one up! Let me know your favorite MUA products in the comments. I want to know what to buy next!

Thanks for reading!

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