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Happy Monday, friends! If you know me, you know I have very brittle, breakage prone nails. They are super weak and peel constantly (side note, if you have a remedy PLEASE fill me in...) which is super frustrating when you want your nails to look nice. I've steered away from getting gels at the salon for this reason (and because I'm broke lol) because I hear when you take them off, your nails are really damaged and I don't need any more of that.

I've been painting my nails myself for the past few years and have always been open to trying the gel formulas that come off with regular remover so when I heard about these Wet 'n Wild ones, I knew I had to give them a shot.

I picked up two different colors, Stay Classy (a mauve-y nude) and Pardon My Peach (a true coral -- which I haven't used yet, I will be saving this one for summer!) Overall, I really enjoy the formula. It goes on nice and smooth and my nails feel super sleek and strong.

I've had this color on for about 5 days and I'm only showing minimal amounts of tip wear, which is amazing for me. Like I said, my nails are very brittle and peel easily which always causes a mess/tons of chips, so 5 days is a miracle in my book lol.

This is my second time using the polish and I'm super impressed. It's also very easy to remove with regular nail polish remover, which was very important for me.

I think the best part about these polishes is the price! These retail for $4.99 and my CVS was running a promo - BOGO 50% Off Wet 'n Wild - when I picked these up, so I paid $7.50 for two shades! It's also great that they don't require a special top coat, I've just been using my Seche Vite one and it's been working just fine.

The only drawback I have is I wish they had a larger color selection... but as it's a new product, they're likely testing the formula/consumers' thoughts so I'm hoping in coming months they begin to release new shades (since I can't imagine people aren't absolutely loving these!)

Next time your in the drugstore I highly suggesting trying one of these out! Let me know what you think of these and what your favorite nail polish brand is.

Thanks so much for reading!!

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