How to Downsize Bulky Makeup Sets!

Happy Sunday! Over the past few years (Christmas specifically), I've received larger makeup gift sets from friends and family. While I love how much product you can get out of these, sometimes the packaging is so unrealistic. For example, I received this really pretty makeup set from Ulta with tons of eyeshadows, bases, liners, blushes and bronzers from my brother this year. I was playing around with some of the products and I really loved the formulation but I knew I couldn't take this thing out of the house when traveling. I really wanted to figure out a way to be able to use these products on the go so I started to do some research and found the perfect (inexpensive) solution!

As you can see, this makeup set is huuuuge but it also includes a ton of products I'd love to use on a daily basis, but there's a 4% change of me reaching for this (which can't be stored with my other makeup) because it's just an inconvenience.

I did some Google-ing and thinking about how some of my favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers deal with this and in comes the best solution - The Z Palette!

I purchased the large one, but they come in a ton of different shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs! Since I have Amazon Prime, I tend to check there first before ordering anything online, and they sell this size for $18 which is pretty good if you ask me.

The Z Palette works by having a magnetic back so your products will stay put where you place them. This also makes it super easy to swap out colors and products to fit what you need at the time. My pans from the Ulta set were not magnetic but this also came with a bunch of little sticky magnets that you can place on the back of your pots! You can also buy come extra at your local hardware store if you run out (which I did.)

As you can see, I still have a ton of room in here! I didn't depot the entire set since I just wanted to put together the products I see myself using more often that way I can add some other products in here as well. I'm so excited with how this turned out and that I can actually put good use into the great present I received.

I'm super excited to keep filling and mixing & matching this baby up. Let me know if you have any sets your looking to downsize on and if you order yourself a Z Palette - Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love depotting stuff to put into my z palette! Huge palettes take up so much space!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup