How to Get Rid of Greasy/Oily Hair!

I may have been #blessed with straight, manageable hair but I wasn't spared the grease and oil that came along with my fine, thin locks. I went through stages where it felt like I'd blow-dry my hair and 20 minutes later it already looked greasy. I felt like I had to wash my hair everyday (which everyone knows is miserable) and it was getting ridiculous. I knew it was time to make changes to my haircare routine. With these changes, I can now go days (literally!) without washing. Keep on reading to find out my secrets!

Simple Chipotle Chicken Pasta

One thing I told myself I would do when I moved out is learn to cook. When I was commuting 2+ hours to and from work each day, I had no desire to cook anything for dinner when I got home so I'd normally settle with a PB&J or some leftovers from my family's dinner they ate earlier. Now that I have a beautiful 25 minute commute (yes, door to door!!!), I have more than enough time to cook a nice meal. Queue my Chipotle Chicken Pasta.