Easy DIY 2016 Desk Calendar (& Free Printable!)

Hello, hello! Right before I left work for a nice little Christmas/New Years break, I realized I needed a new desk calendar. I know it's crazy that that's what I'm thinking about, but I look at that thing like it's my job and know I would be inconvenienced if I came back without a 2016 (HOW?!) calendar to reference.

I knew I wanted something cute but also practical so I decided to take it upon myself to come up with a DIY and I'm super happy with it!

I started by creating the calendar design, which I'm so in love with! It's very minimal, but still has a little flare to it. I decided to also put together a Dropbox incase anyone wanted to use my design. It has both PNGs (which I think always look nicer) and JPGs (incase you wanted to get them printed at CVS/Target etc.)


Next was figuring out how I was going to display this. I took to Michael's and was able to find a few essential pieces that were also very inexpensive. I definitely had to get a little creative here! Walking around Michael's definitely helped me figure this out.

What You'll Need

  • Background paper of choice
  • Calendar print outs
  • Clothing pins
  • Inexpensive Photo Frame/Backing of an Old Frame
  • 6x8 Canvas Panel
  • Hot Glue Gun

How To Assemble

1) Neatly wrap your paper of choice around the canvas

2) Flip the canvas and hot glue the frame/frame backing to the bottom back of the canvas.

3) Flip it over, add your printouts and clothes pin & you're done!

My biggest dilemma at first was how to get the canvas panel to stand and not have to lean on something. I was looking for just photo frame backs, or pieces of wood shaped as a triangle, and then I saw this mini frame for $1.50 and knew this would work and I was so happy! One of my favorite parts of this is how personalized you can make it. You can choose from hundreds of background patterns and play around with different types of pins/clips to hold up the calendar paper.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and find it helpful! Let me know if you plan to recreate this. Have a great new years!!

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