Easy DIY 2016 Desk Calendar (& Free Printable!)

Hello, hello! Right before I left work for a nice little Christmas/New Years break, I realized I needed a new desk calendar. I know it's crazy that that's what I'm thinking about, but I look at that thing like it's my job and know I would be inconvenienced if I came back without a 2016 (HOW?!) calendar to reference.

I knew I wanted something cute but also practical so I decided to take it upon myself to come up with a DIY and I'm super happy with it!

Perfect Inexpensive Makeup Storage

Hi friends! Today's post is all about my new makeup storage. I've been in the market for larger storage and was also hoping to find something that was black. Let's just say, I hit the jackpot!

My Workout Must-Haves!

For the past month and a half, I've been going to the gym 5 times a week which is so unlike me. If you knew me in real life, you'd know I've always been a yo-yo gym goer. In the past, I've always lacked the motivation and drive it takes to get my butt to the gym multiple times a week.

Along with the immediate motivation of knowing I had a beach vacation coming up, I finally got together some items that keep me motivated and at the gym for more than 20 mins ;) Keep on reading to hear about my essentials!

December BoxyCharm Unboxing!

I'm obsessed with this month's box! I can't say enough good things about BOXYCHARM. Not only has this subscription helped me stop spending so much money on products (since I know I have 5-6 full size products coming to me each month), it's really helped broadened my horizons on beauty brands.

Sometimes it's hard to find great brands that aren't sold at Sephora or talked about on YouTube, so this box is the perfect solution. I've found so many favorites from this subscription and I don't see that stopping anytime soon! Keep reading to see this month's box.

Dry, Flaky Skin Remedy!

It's that time of year where your skin decides to become chapped and flakey. As you know from my last post, I just came back from a vacation in Mexico and my skin is nicely bronzed. The one issue is, I didn't prepare to come back home to almost freezing weather and my skin went into shock. Between some sunburn and frigid temps, my skin bugged out and became extremely dry and flakey.

I never experienced dryness like this before so I was kind of freaking out. I couldn't wear makeup without my face looking SO cakey and when I woke up on Saturday morning, my skin looked like it was all about to peel off. Luckily, I ended up at my neighbors house in the morning and she saw my face and knew exactly what to give me... almond oil.

BEST Vacation Ever | Platinum Yucatan Princess All Suites, Playa Del Carmen

Hellooo friends! If you don't follow me on Instagram (blog + personal) you would have no idea that I just got home from an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico! I looove traveling to the beach during the winter months (even though it was 65 degrees in Jersey when I was gone.. like what?) and I wish I could have stayed there forever.

I wanted to write a little review on the resort we stayed at since we both enjoyed ourselves very much! I highly recommend this resort to any couple looking for a romantic but super fun getaway. Keep reading for photos & full review!

Nominated for What?! The Liebster Award

Hi guys! I'm super excited for today's post! The lovely Becca, from A Dash of Becca, nominated me for a Liebster Award! I'm not positive when or where but started, but the Liebster Award is an award given out by bloggers to recognize other up and coming bloggers, to give them some appreciation! I've been seeing this pop up a ton lately so I'm so excited and honored to have been nominated by Becca :) Keep on reading to see how it works, my answers to Becca's questions & my nominations!

November 2015 Favorites!

Another month, another favorites post. How in the world is it the last month of 2015?! Time moves so freaking fast. November was a great month filled with birthday celebrations,  vacation planning, the start to the holiday season and more. Keep on reading to see what made the cut into my favorites this month!

Need It or Leave It? Hack Macadamia Oil

Hey guys! So in my 365 Days to a More Inspired You post, I challenged myself to create a new post series for Life Across the Hudson. I'm still going back and forth on the name, but the general gist will be me trying out products, hacks etc. and letting you guys know if they're worth it or not.

First up - Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Moisturizing Shine Oil & Moisturizing Deep Conditioner.

Pantone Color of the Year 2016 | Rose Quartz + Serenity

It's official! Yesterday, Pantone announced the color of the year, with a twist! Yep, this year we get 2 colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

The colors look beautiful together, like a beautiful, soft sunset. I'm super excited to start seeing clothing, decor and makeup products begin to follow these colors trends. In the meantime, here are some of my current favorite pieces you can buy or you may already have laying around to celebrate the color(s) of the year.

Five Minute Fresh Face Makeup | Drugstore Products

Hello, hello! Today's post is going to be my go-to makeup routine. I do this almost every day for work since it's quick and simple but helps me look more alive for my work day. This look uses just 10 products from the drugstore and truly transforms my sleepy face lol! Keep on reading to see what products I use to achieve this fresh-faced makeup look.