The BEST Subscription Box - Hands Down!

I first heard about product subscription boxes a few years back and was very intrigued by the idea. I tend to go a little overboard on buying products whenever I'm at my local drugstore, Target or Sephora so I thought subscribing to a monthly box would help me stop buying random things. While I can't say it cured my addiction, it definitely helped ;)

Keep on reading to find out how to subscribe to the best box out there!

I have tried a bunch of subscription services (BirchBox, Ipsy, GlossyBox etc.) and ended up canceling all of them after a month or two. I wasn't getting anything I was blown away by and all of the products (for the most part) were small sample sizes. If I fell in love, I'd very quickly have to shell out money to buy a full size version and if I didn't feel like I had enough to decide if I really liked it, I'd skip on buying a possible amazing product.

Like I said, I canceled every box after a while. But one day, I was watching KathleenLights on YouTube (love her!) and she had just posted a BOXYCHARM unboxing and I fell in love! BOXYCHARM provides FULL size products and all boxes are worth at least $100! I knew I had to try this box out and now I'm 4 months in and I'm hooked.

How It Works
So BOXYCHARM is a little bit more expensive than the typical subscriptions, it's $21 a month and you receive 5 full or luxury sample sized products. The one small drawback of this box compared to some others is everyone gets the same box. There isn't any quiz or questioner that you fill out so you get products tailored to your preference. I haven't had an issue with this as I'm kind of willing to try anything at this point, but could see this being a problem for some people.

What Brands/Products Can You Expect?
I've gotten popular brands like Tarte, Cargo, OFRA, Kardashian Beauty & Coastal Scents, but I've also gotten brands I've never heard of like Nios, Mica, Previse etc. that are high-end and truly amazing! You will receive anything from skincare to makeup brushes to full-blown eyeshadow palettes.

How To Subscribe
Click here! Super quick & easy :)

For about $11 more a month (compared to other services,) you receive great, full size products that you can actually use over a long period of time, which I think is amazing. Below, I've unboxed my September box for you! I may start making this a monthly post - It took me a few of Kathleen's unboxing videos to truly convince me I needed this in my life, so I want to make sure I can do the same for you :)


September BOXYCHARM Unboxing!

This month we actually received 6 products! The bonus item is a travel size, but the rest was all full size!

  1. Previse Skincare HydroMilk Hydrating Lotion - $48
  2. Vasanti Professional Foundation Brush - $32
  3. Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner - $22
  4. Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel - $18
  5. SCRATCH Nail Wraps - $12
  6. Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil - BONUS ITEM
This box is worth a grand total of $132!! This just seems like a no-brainer to me ;) If you're a product hoarder like me, you will absolutely love this service. Not only do they bring big and popular brands on board, but they introduce up and coming brands with amazing products.

10/10 for BOXYCHARM!! :D

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