Is it worth it? Lorac Back to Bronze Collection

I've recently been addicted to overhauling my makeup collection. I've been throwing things out and buying new products like crazy to try and find my perfect spring/summer makeup. I know it sounds ridiculous, but in my defense, my skin has changed dramatically in the past few months so I really have needed to find new products that work with my newly non-oily/non-breakout prone skin.

Since you know I'm broke, one of my favorite sites to order makeup off of it HauteLook. It's owned by Nordstrom and they post discounted high end clothing, home decor, beauty products, shoes etc. (literally everything) and their "events" update daily and stay around for about a week or so.

A few weeks back, Lorac (one of my favorite beauty brands) was on HauteLook so I couldn't resist buying. I ended up ordering this Back To Bronze Collection which features 4 full-sized and 1 travel-sized product and a makeup bag for all of $20 (yes, you read that right!) I thought this would be perfect to use for the summer, featured a wide range of products and the price was amazing so how could I not?

This collection features a bronzer, a dual-sided liquid liner, a lipstick, a lipgloss and a mascara-- Aka everything you need to create a quick, summer-ready look. As I said above, everything is full-size with the exception of the bronzer, but there is still more than enough product in there to last you some time.

I really love this collection so far. The products are beautiful (swatches below) and are of very high quality. My favorite is probably the liner because you're getting two products in one and they are super pigmented (the swatch is me lightly swiping it on my arm.)

Is it worth it? You probably already know my answer, but yes! This retails for $36 (worth $88) and even at the retail price, I would think this collection is worth it. It's perfect for a fresh, sun kissed look and I plan on getting tons of use out of these products.

Unfortunately, the way HauteLook works is your products won't ship until the event has ended so this isn't currently available there. The good news is, you can get this on the Lorac website on sale for $28 right now!

I encourage all of you to check out HauteLook if you're looking for a way to find high end products for cheap and to also try out Lorac!

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Lorac Back to Bronze Collection - Lorac, $36.00 $28.00

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