Beachy Curls made Easy!

As I mentioned in my How to Get Rid of Greasy/Oily Hair post, I was blessed with pin straight hair. While 95% of the time it's great how easy it is to just hop out of the shower and let my hair air dry, there are times I want a more voluminous, beachy look-- which has been impossible for quite some time. I can curl my hair and it looks great but then a half hour later it's pin straight yet again no matter how many products I use/don't use. I've been in the market for the perfect product combo and I think I've finally found it! Keep reading to find out how I get perfect, beachy curls on pin straight hair!

I recently picked up the Tresemme Prefectly (Un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam after seeing some commercials claiming beautiful beachy waves (If you didn't know, I'm a marketers dream.) This product is truly amazing! My curls last for TWO DAYS with this and no hairspray! 

You put it in wet hair and blow dry like normal. Once blow-dried, it does feel a little weird. Kind of like how your hair feels when you leave the beach (which I guess makes sense since it contains sea kelp extract,) but once you curl your hair, the weird feeling goes away.

When I curl my hair, I use a 1' curling iron and curl 1-1 1/2" sections of hair away and toward my face (alternating the direction.) I've found this helps the curls appear more natural than them all curling the same way.

That's it! No hairspray or any other product. This is a super quick way to get long-lasting, natural beachy waves. I really love this hair style for days I want to change up the pin straight look. It looks effortless (and really doesn't require all that much effort :))

Products Mentioned
Tresemme Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam - Target, $4.99
Revlon Healthy Hair Nutrifusion 1" Conditioning Triple Oil Infused Curling Iron - Target, $18.99

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