DIY Product Organizer!

I've officially been in my apartment for 4 months and have been getting a little anxious (what else is new) about some of my storage situations. I've been noticing a lot of things (products, clothing etc.) that I haven't touched since I moved in, so this weekend I went through all of it and got rid of a lot of stuff and I immediately felt better!

Now the issue was I didn't like how my products were stored on my dresser. I have the long, 6-drawer MALM dresser from Ikea, so it's not that there wasn't room for all of my stuff on top, it just looked messy and cluttered. So I took to Pinterest for some ideas on how I could store my stuff where it looked pretty and was also practical. I noticed a ton of people using tiered cake stands in my search and though they looked adorable! And so, my DIY tiered product organizer was born :)

Once I decided what I wanted, I started to check online for cute cake stands. I tried Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, The Container Store etc. but everything was either super expensive, not to my taste  or weren't tiered high enough to put larger products on both levels. Luckily, I work right near a T.J. Maxx (and you can always count on T.J. Maxx) so I decided I would check out their inventory.

I walked around for quite sometime with no luck. I was thinking of stacking two cake stands (they didn't have any tiered) but there were no two sizes that would have worked out. I was about to give up when I found these round pan-looking containers with a cute flower cut-out design around the outside. I'm not entirely sure what they are, but they had 5 different sizes (all of which fit into one another), so I grabbed the largest and the second smallest to help DIY my own "cake" stand.

Now I needed something to stack them with. I saw a few DIY's on Pinterest that used plates and candlesticks, so next, I was on a hunt for a candle stick. After asking around with no luck I decided to  head home and I would think of something eventually.

Next thing ya know I'm opening my kitchen cabinets while cooking dinner and I see my plethora of wine glasses and it clicked! Now I show you how I made this!

What you'll need:

  • Two different sized plates/containers for you tiers
  • A plain wine glass
  • Krazy/Gorilla glue

How you do it:

  1. Find the center of your bottom tier and mark lightly with a pencil (you can also outline the entire wine glass to help with placement)
  2. Neatly place glue on the top rim of the wine glass and place upside down onto the bottom tier
  3. Once secure, apply glue to the top (technically the bottom) of the wine glass and place the top tier
  4. Make sure you let the glue dry according to it's package before using, and you're done!

(Don't mind my dusty dresser! :O)

I really love how this turned out! It fits all of the products I'd like to have easily accessible and looks really cute in my bedroom. If you try this our please let me know! Thanks for reading :)

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