DIY Product Organizer!

I've officially been in my apartment for 4 months and have been getting a little anxious (what else is new) about some of my storage situations. I've been noticing a lot of things (products, clothing etc.) that I haven't touched since I moved in, so this weekend I went through all of it and got rid of a lot of stuff and I immediately felt better!

Now the issue was I didn't like how my products were stored on my dresser. I have the long, 6-drawer MALM dresser from Ikea, so it's not that there wasn't room for all of my stuff on top, it just looked messy and cluttered. So I took to Pinterest for some ideas on how I could store my stuff where it looked pretty and was also practical. I noticed a ton of people using tiered cake stands in my search and though they looked adorable! And so, my DIY tiered product organizer was born :)