Say Goodbye to Winter Lips for under $5!

Anyone who lives on Northeast Coast knows how winter is here. One day it's below freezing and as windy as can be but the next day it's 50 degrees and sunny. Mother Nature's bi-polar attitude can wreak havoc on your skin/immune system and of course, your lips. I was determined to find an easy (and cheap) remedy for my winter lips this year - here's what I found!

I've always been a fan of ELF products. They're extremely cheap and of surprisingly high quality. I was at Harmon's a few weeks ago when their Lip Exfoliator caught my eye. I've tried some lip scrubs from Lush in the past and I wasn't a huge fan. The fallout got everywhere and I didn't like any of the flavors (since you're supposed to lick the excess off,) so I thought this would be perfect! Since it's just like a lipstick, it's really easy to apply (no fall out!!) and store.

Exfoliating your lips has tons of benefits. It brings out fresh layers of skin which makes it much easier to retain moisture, which in turn, will help prevent chapped lips! Besides chapped lips being a uncomfortable, it's also a pain if you want to wear any sort of lip color. This two-step process will help your lips become perfectly smooth and prepped for your lipstick.

Every night before I go to bed, I start by quickly exfoliating my lips with this ELF product. I immediately follow up with some Vaseline and voila! (I could go on and on about Vaseline but we'll keep it at this is a HOLY GRAIL product. Go buy some if you haven't already!) I leave the Vaseline on overnight and in the morning my lips are perfectly prepped for when I do my makeup. You can also do this when you start your make up (leaving lips for last!) to achieve the same soft, ready-for-lipstick lips.

This duo costs about $4.50 at your local Harmon's or Target (and even CHEAPER if you pick up a smaller bottle of Vaseline!) which is pretty amazing!

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This routine is something I will be doing all year round from now on. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on either of these products and if you try them out! Thanks for reading!

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