Fully Customizable DIY Photo Ledge

Pinterest truly creates unrealistic expectations of decorating and furnishing your first apartment. Literally everything is either super expensive or super hard to recreate and it's quite defeating when all you want is a really cute apartment you can showoff to your friends. That being said, I was on the hunt for something to put on the blank part of the wall between the two windows in our living room when this photo ledge was born.

I saw a few different photo ledge examples on Pinterest that inspired this. They were so cute and I knew if I found the right pieces, it could be pretty cheap. My living room is black white and gold, so first I searched Google/Pinterest for images that would compliment this color scheme. I wanted a mix of quotes and patterns to balance the frames.

Once I found about 10 that I was happy with, I knew it was time to make this thing. I looked around for the photo ledges and I was able to find these at Target for $12.99 each. They come in four different colors so this could work in any room!

Next it was time to find some other pieces to put on the shelves. One of the images I pulled inspiration from had all frames, but one incorporated some other objects which I though looked great. I went to Hobby Lobby and I found the "Make today the best day of your life" quote block and the gold ampersand (I'm obsessed with ampersands so I was super happy to be able to work one into the project!) I picked up various sized black frames from Hobby Lobby as well. Everything was 50% off when I went to Hobby Lobby, but the frames were a bit pricey before the discount so I'd suggest going to the Dollar Tree of 5 Below for some cheaper alternatives.

When I got home I laid everything out on the shelves until I got an arrangement I was happy with and then I chose which images would go in which frames. Last, I got these babies printed at CVS for about $5 and that's it!

I really like how this looks in my living room. I used to have a white canvas on this wall but it looked very washed out so having the boldness of the black ledges and frames looks really nice. I plan on adding black shades to these windows with a gold bow/ribbon around them so I think that will really bring this wall together :)

This project is great because the colors are fully customizable so you could put this in any room. If you try out this DIY leave me pictures below! Thanks for reading!

Products Used:

  • Photo Ledges - Target, $12.99
  • Various Sized Frames - Hobby Lobby, Varying prices
  • Gold Ampersand - Hobby Lobby, $7.99
  • Instant Photo Prints - CVS, Prices depends on image sizes

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